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Barbara FelixI still remember the magical feeling of walking into Aunt VeraŹ¼s kitchen as a very little girl, and being warmly enveloped by enticing smells and colors. Crowded onto every counter and table top were pretty porcelain plates of tiny, bite-sized jewels of cookies...every one different, beautiful and precise in execution. And what were all these wonderful aromas? Anise ... cinnamon ... nutmeg ... orange... vanilla ..... Christmas!

At home, baking became my hobby when I was about 12 and when my own children were young, I would bake sugar cookies for every holiday. I would mix up lots of different icing colors, and put everything on the kitchen table for us to decorate together. It was messy.....and it was fun. I continued to bake and cook for family events along with my Dad, a professional chef who was the greatest influence over my life and career.

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my kids When I became a single mother, I enrolled in cooking school. Upon graduating with honors from the California Culinary Academy in 1992, I went to work at the Lark Creek Inn in Larkspur, California. After a couple of years there I left to become a personal chef. Eventually, while preparing to cater a Halloween party for a client, I was asked to shop for some iced sugar cookies to bring to the event. Being thoroughly disappointed with what I found in shops, I decided to make them myself. The client was delighted! And from that first order of 100 sugar cookie ghosts, a business was born.

Knowing a good cookie must be more than merely gorgeous, I use the purest, simplest ingredients to produce a simply delicious sugar cookie, changing only the shapes and colors to suit the occasion. I believe in doing one thing, and doing it really well, so I use only one wonderful recipe.

DaddySurprisingly, the most fun part of the business is writing the enclosure notes my clients want sent with their gifts. I am so touched that my cookies are sent along with such heartfelt messages of caring, of thanks, and of love. It is a privilege to do this for all of you.

So now, from January through December, from babies to anniversaries, I love baking cookies to surprise, to delight and to celebrate all occasions....just like those first Halloween ghosts.

Barbara Felix
October 2010


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